Silent Disco – Saturday 8th June

On SATURDAY 8th JUNE, between 8pm and Midnight, we will be having a SILENT DISCO.

For those of you who know what these events are like, prepare yourselves!

For those who are thinking “silent” and “disco” seem to cancel each other out, read on.

A ‘Silent Disco’ uses headphones to listen to the music, so to all those around the outside, there is no thumping music, just a lot of people enjoying themselves.

So that’s it? Definitely not. Remember when you have been at a disco and a track comes on you don’t like, then it’s time to leave the dance floor? Not necessarily with a silent disco! The headphones you are wearing support THREE channels of music. As you flick between them you find a track you like and you are back in the groove.

Tickets are JUST £10 each, which INCLUDES a finger buffet.

Please use the form below to book your place and join in the fun!

(This event is for over 18’s only).